Barrister Solape Adesuyi

Barrister Solape Adesuyi

President/Founder SFN


She is a helper, an equipper, a nation builder dedicated to seeing every young person, discover the direction of the journey of his or her life. Solape is burning with the passion to see every individual, corporate organizations, and institutions, and even nations run with the appropriate values that will portray their identity. It is her call and earnest desire to help and equip individuals and organizations with the necessary tools for the achievement of their vision and goals as well as to navigate during tough times.


She believes that the family is the back bone of every nation thus it should be given proper attention because that is the seed of a nation.


Solape has a mission to be “Succour to Nations” by propagating God’s principles for life and governing institutions and nations; through teaching, coaching, training, and mentoring young people to become Nation-builders and “Repairers of the old waste.” Also to see African nations, especially Nigeria, move from the status of developing nations to becoming giant nations through the developing leadership skills, competence, integrity, and character thereby changing the narrative of governance all over Africa.


She believes that our generation has been chosen for greatness and it is our turn to rewrite history. Nations are built by men and women who understand that the right values are what constitutes the essence of the nation.


She is an expert in Company Law and Practice and has served as Company Secretary to several Companies for close to 14 years. She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and an Alumnus of The Hague Academy of International Law (The Netherlands). Solape presently works as Managing Partner of Solape Adesuyi and Associates in Lagos, Nigeria.


Barrister Solape Adesuyi has served in many leadership and humanitarian roles within Faith-Based and Non-Faith-Based organizations; which have enabled her to influence tens of thousands over the past 20 years. As a lawyer, Solape has a passion for educating individuals and businesses on legal issues. She has facilitated several legal workshops and training in the field of company law, corporate and regulatory compliance as well as school administration and management.


Solape is also a proud Alumnus of the Institute for National Transformation where she has developed her leadership skill and her calling into the governance sphere of the society. She believes that as a nation, We must be ready to commit our time, energy, resources, and God-given talents to the manifestation of God’s will for our nation Nigeria and Africa. Commitment always requires sacrifice. Therefore, we must be willing to give all that it takes to change policies and develop the right values. She has also written and published several articles/papers including “Enforcement of International Human Rights in Domestic Courts,” “Leadership and Governance: The Nigerian Example” among others.


Solape’s purpose is to raise a generation of Nation Builders who would be committed to building Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live in.

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