Cyrille Bahmou

Cyrille Bahmou

CEO Charis Wealth


Cyrille’s story is an unbelievable spectacle of God’s restoration process. Cyrille was a young ‘successful’ entrepreneur back in Cameroun where he commanded the attention of the media and blessed with all the trappings of good life-cars, good house, etc. Cyrille, who studied financial management, was the CEO of ECG Cameroon and the Publisher/CEO of ‘’Quelles Filieres Infos Magazine’’, a magazine which specializes in helping students to find the right path to their careers.


For quite some time, everything appeared to be working out well for the young executive and his wife until suddenly his world began an irreversible downward spiral. Within a very short period, Cyrille lost everything he had accumulated and had to file for personal bankruptcy.


With nothing else to hold on to and with shame lurking menacingly in the visible corner, Cyrille had to sell the last of his property to enable him to scratch enough money to enable him, his wife and his son relocate to Nigeria, the last destination they would ever consider in their wildest imagination. Back on his last luck, Cyrille had to resort to selling small chops (Indomie and Egg) tonight travelers on the roadside while he managed to get himself and his family into an uncompleted building that served as their residence.

Interestingly, his trip to Nigeria changed the course of his life as he met a mysterious ‘angel’ who pulled him out of the valley, and through hands-on mentoring and coaching for two solid years he was able to guide him back into purpose.


Cyrille is living proof of what can happen to an individual whose hands God touches with His own. Cyrille is currently the CEO of Charis Wealth, a branding and marketing firm for professional service providers whose mission to design, develop and implement digitals tools for maximizing professional services firms’ profit and growth


Cyrille’s angel who is a personal finance guru in Nigeria did not just mentor him on life issues but also thoroughly took him through personal finance management. Cyrille started a personal finance counseling program that gave birth to the Winning with Money Academy.
Just as someone helped him and took him out of the valley, Cyrille took upon him as a mission to show individuals how to pay their bills with the income that they have and gradually taking them out of debts

Cyrille’s personal Mission statement: To show you how to pay your bills with the income that you have and gradually taking you out of debts.

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